Must Have Tools for Around the House

Must Have Tools for Around the House

Claw hammer

This is a basic, very handy tool. A claw hammer has a head where you can use it to drive nails into something, adjust and straighten certain things, and break up material. The other part of the hammer has a claw, which is used primarily to take out nails. It can also be used to lift or separate wood. When buying a claw hammer, you don’t want to buy a flimsy one. You want one that is sturdy and durable. Look at the handle. Is there enough grip for your hands? Is the head too small? These are things that you must consider if you want your hammer to last a long time, since this is one of the necessary tools for around the house. I always use a claw hammer to hang things on a wall, working on a project, or to straighten out bent pieces of metal.

Flat-head screwdriver

Just as the name implies, this screwdriver has a flat head. The tip of the screwdriver is thin, so it can firmly screw in flat-head screws. But this is more than just one of the must have hand tools. You can also use it as a pry bar, a lever, and a hole puncher. Careful consideration is required if you are to use this as a lever or pry bar. Too much pressure on the blade can break it, or cause it to slip out of place. This can severely injure you. In some instances, you can even use the screwdriver to scrap away loose paint, and it is very helpful in opening cans of paint. It is a good idea to have at least two flat heads around. T

Phillips head screwdriver

This type of screwdriver has a tip with a plus sign shaped head. This screwdriver can only be used with matching Phillips head slots. In order to put a screw in correctly, you must press the head of the screwdriver firmly into the screw so it can be set into place. This also puts less damage on the screw. You can also use the Phillips head screwdriver as a hole puncher as well. Buy a small Phillips head screwdriver as well. Sometimes corners and tight spots will present themselves, and a long handled Phillips screwdriver won’t fit.

Allen socket set

This is very important for must have tools. Many toys use this socket size so kids won’t take it apart so easily. New furniture and some electronics have these Allen sockets as well. A major advantage of the Allen socket is that it is easy to use. Since it is shaped like a hexagon, it tightens screws securely. And they are easy to use. Also, since the hex keys are shaped like an “L”, you can use either side depending on if you need to reach a small area. The best common sizes to get for Allen wrench sockets are the smaller ones, up to 24mm. Larger sizes are more for special applications.

Tape measure

You have to have one of these.A great space saver is the retractable pocket tape measure. I always use my retractable pocket tape measure. A good one to get is one that goes to at least 24 feet. How else are you going to measure a doorway? How can you measure your furniture? Do you know how long that window is that you want to replace?


A decent one to get is a 6 foot ladder. A wooden one is too heavy, so buy an aluminum ladder. Fiberglass ladders are more expensive, but they are even lighter. There is no other way to change a light bulb in the ceiling safely without a ladder.


If a pipe bursts open under the kitchen sink, what other tool can you use? This is a must for must have tools. Besides opening and closing pipes under the kitchen sink and bathroom, a wrench can also be use on bicycles, bed parts, and various mechanical equipment. It is good to get various sizes of adjustable wrenches, and a set of combination wrenches as well.

Utility knife

To open boxes and packages, what else would you use? You can also use this knife to help peel wallpaper by lifting one corner with the blade. This a useful tool because you can extend a little of the blade or a lot, depending on what you use it for.

Rubber mallet

This is similar to a hammer. A rubber mallet usually has a wooden handle and always has a rubber head. This tool is very useful when you need to straighten something but don’t want to leave any marks. You can also use it to fit something together without damaging it. The rubber head won’t leave marks on wood and metal, so you can use it to fix furniture.


For tools for around the house, this is an important one. This tool is used more for precise applications, like handling something hot or broken. Some times you might need a tool to help steady something as you work on it. This is where the pliers come in. There are many types of pliers, but get the locking pliers and the needle-nose pliers. Locking pliers can hold objects firmly, and can be used as a wrench if used properly. Needle-nosed pliers have a built-in wire cutter, so you can use it for electrical work as well. The pliers can also hold or fix broken jewelry.