Our company was founded in 1864. As a result, we’ve been operating for over one and a half centuries. This provides our hand tool company with an edge over companies that are new to the industry. With over 150 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to provide our customers with top-notch products. Our goal from day 1 has been to provide consumers with the best products and customer service possible.

We offer a wide variety of products. They include axes, mauls, lawn & garden tools, and others. These are the main product lines that we offer customers. When our company started out we focused mostly on axes and mauls.

However, that changed in the 1980s. Due to factors such as changes in Maine’s economy we launched our lawn & garden product lines. In fact, they became our main lines during that decade. We still sold axes and mauls during that time, but the demand for lawn/garden tools increased significantly during that time. That’s why we focused on those products.

There are several. Since we’ve bene in the industry for so many decades it provides us with an edge over the competition. That’s in terms of our knowledge and experience in the industry. There are few companies in the industry with over a century of experience. We have plans to keep providing quality products until our second centennial anniversary in the 2060s.

We also focus on producing high-quality products. It starts with top-notch materials to make sure the products have the best form and function possible. This is different from other companies that use shoddy materials. We not only want our products to last for several years but even until the next generation so people can pass on our tools to the next generation.

We have retail stores as well as an online store. We’ve been selling our products in brick-and-mortar retail stores for several decades. However, we realize that e-commerce is a big part of people’s buying habits today. In particular, they often don’t have the time to travel to a hardware store to buy the tools they need. That’s why we offer the option to buy online at our e-commerce site.

We have several. We started out with axes and mauls. We still sell those products, but we’ve also added lawn & garden product lines. This was due to various factors due to a changing market.

We want to keep offering new products and product lines to our customers. That’s because we know that the need of our clients continues to change. However, our goal continues to provide customers with the best products and excellent customer service. We believe these are the ingredients for a successful business and it’s a tradition we’ve upheld for more than 1.5 centuries now. It’s our goal to continue the tradition during the next decades.