How Necessary Are Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools?

How Necessary Are Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools

Stainless steel everything in the kitchen continues to gain more and more popularity. Every appliance store you go to is filled with stainless steel appliances. Long gone are the days of low-quality plastic appliances. Heck, even sous vide machines are being made stainless steel.

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Why is this the case? It’s because stainless steel is incredibly durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel is also very resilient. It can withstand the highest of temperatures and thrive in a multitude of environments.

Remember how when we were growing up, appliances would only last a few years? That’s not the case anymore. Now appliances are built to last. They can last for up to 30 years if they’re maintained properly.

One stainless steel appliance we love is the sous vide machine. We love it because being submerged in water can normally cause kitchen appliances to rust. That’s not the case with a sous vide machine. In fact, sous vide machines are made to be used under water.

When you’re cooking with a sous vide machine, you’re putting food in a vacuum sealed bag and submerging it in water. Normally, steel would oxidize and rust at around 50 minutes of being submerged. However, stainless steel is different due to the way it is galvenized. It can easily withstand a much longer, prolonged period of submersion.

That’s why it’s so safe to use stainless steel sous vide machines.

If you’re going to be cooking sous vide, you want to make sure your machine is stainless steel. There are a few manufacturers out there that have been trying to sell plastic immersion circulators. These are the ones that are usually dirt cheap on Alibaba and Amazon. Of course, you’re going to be getting these for much cheaper. But there’s a reason they’re cheaper – they’re made of plastic and won’t last.

That’s why we always recommend you get stainless steel kitchen appliances.