Steel Tools – Are they right for you?

Steel is one of the most durable materials for tools. You can smash, hit, hammer… well, really anything, with steel and it would be okay.

It all starts during the production of the steel. How is steel made? It is smelted! Smelting is the process of heating up ore until it’s liquid. The liquid ore is then rapidly cooled into a mold; which is typically in the shape of a sword or ax head or maul.

Once the liquid ore is shaped and cooled, the mold is removed and you’re left with a shaped piece of rough steel.

The product is then heated up again and hammered in order to make sure that there are no bubbles within the steel.

If there are any tools that have a bubble in the steel, then it is prone to break. Do you want to be swinging an axe and have it break upon impact? Think of the damage that it can cause you!

It would be tragic!

Steel is also great at not-rusting. Rust is one of the main reasons for tools breaking. It is also one of the reasons that people get injured when they are using their tools.

This is also the reason that people need to take care of their tools. Proper tool care is imperative; however so few people do it. It’s quite the shame, but then again, that keeps us in business!