Tips & Advice


Are you in the market for axes and mauls? Here are some helpful issues:

  1. Antique/New

If you’re a fan of old-school tools then you might want to buy an antique axe instead of a new one. Is it a good option? There are certainly some key benefits you can enjoy when buying vintage axes. The quality tends to be better than today’s mass-produced axes that usually built using cheap materials and average craftsmanship.

However, you can still find quality new axes that are built with traditional quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship. You’ll have to spend more money but it’s definitely worthwhile if you want to use a quality axe. In fact, one main benefit is that you won’t have to replace the tool anytime soon. You can still find axes that can last for several years or even decades.

  1. Bit

This involves whether you buy a single bit or double bit axe. A single bit axe is the most common one and is a good household axe. So if you’re just going to use the axe for chopping firewood, for example, it would probably be a good option for your home.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more value then you should consider a double-bit axe. Many consumers would make this choice if they had to choose one multi-purpose axe to choose. The cost of the tool will be higher. However, keep in mind that the tool is an investment so if you purchase a quality axe it will basically pay for itself in terms of the years of use you can get from it.

  1. Axe Head

One of the biggest issues when buying an axe in terms of the head is the weight. The most obvious choice would seem to be a heavier axe including the axe head since it provides more force. It would explain that heavier axe heads are used in competition.

On the other hand, if you’re buying your first axe then one with a maximum axe head weight of 5 pounds would be a better option. It’s true that a heavier axe will produce more force. However, one of the drawbacks is that you have less accuracy. If you’re just starting out then it’s better to choose a lighter axe so you’ll have better control of the tool.

  1. Handle Length

Another factor is the handle length. A longer handle allows the user to swing using more force. On the other hand, experts recommend choosing an ax with a handle that’s actually shorter than the one you think you’ll need.

Like the head’s weight, one of the issues is that if the axe handle is longer than you need it will become an issue of losing control. It wouldn’t help to provide more force because the accuracy of the axe swings when then be affected.

If you’re a beginner ax buyer then it’s highly advisable to pick an ax with a shorter handle. It will provide more control when using the tool.


Are you in the market for buying garden tools? Here are some helpful factors:

  1. Quality

It’s important to look for quality garden tools in terms of its form and function. While such tools will cost more it’s definitely worthwhile because it’s an investment in your garden. If you buy a low-quality product you’ll likely have to replace it sooner rather than later. That’s probably a case you’ll want to avoid. If you factor in the cost of replacing a garden tool it’s definitely worth spending more for a quality tool in terms of the investment you’re making.

  1. Cutting

For tools that are used for cutting make sure that the blades are high quality. This will help them to last longer and also prevent rusting. This is yet another feature that will cost more money if you want your gardening tool to be high quality. |However, it’s definitely worth the cost if it means the tool will work better and last longer.

  1. Ergonomics

Today more companies are focusing on the ergonomics of tools including garden tools. It’s definitely a plus because you’ll likely be using the tools for hours at a time. The tool should fit comfortably in your hand. If you’re left-handed then you might need to pick tools that are designed for left-handed gardeners.

It’s important to note that you should be ready to spend more money for better ergonomics. The research and tech that goes into developing such tools are higher. However, it’s definitely worthwhile if it means you’ll be more comfortable doing your gardening. Whenever possible test out the gardening tool before purchasing it to make sure you’re comfortable using it.

  1. Safety

Make sure that tools that require them to have a quality safety catch. This is important to help keep your hands as safe as possible when using the tools. There should be no compromise in terms of safety when buying tools of any type.

Before purchasing the garden tool make sure to check out the safety catch if it has one. This will help to make sure that you purchase a unit that has high quality in terms of safety. The extra money you spend is definitely worthwhile.

  1. Lightweight

This is another important factor to consider when buying garden tools. You’re probably going to be holding the tools for hours so it’s better if it’s lightweight instead of overly heavy. This will make your gardening more enjoyable.

On the other hand, make sure that the tool isn’t too lightweight because it’s flimsy. If low-quality materials are used, for example, it could affect the weight of the tool. That could result in it being damaged or destroyed faster. It’s a situation you’ll want to avoid since it could cost a lot of money to replace low-quality gardening tools several times.

These are some of the main issues to consider when shopping for gardening tools. It will help you to make the best choice when purchasing items for your green thumb. Always be willing to invest more money in better tools.